The Band

Debbie Wallace, Vocals

Connecticut born Debbie Wallace is a classically trained Mezzo Soprano.  She has performed with numerous bands including Salt on the Rim, Loose Ends and Rockslide.  She currently displays her vocal talents as lead singer for The Whistling Moon Travelers, The Lost Bobs and The Justified Jones Band with whom she performs at Mar a Lago and many other venues.  “I love being part of an ensemble group or duo but I feel equally comfortable performing solo.  It’s fun to surprise people with my versatile song selections!  Entertaining at weddings, private parties or corporate events, I’ll usually img_1648begin with classic jazz standards, move into Motown, Country or Top 40 and end up belting out Aerosmith’s Dream On or Janis Joplin’s Bobby McGee.   People will always ask what my favorite songs to sing are?  My answer is always the songs that people enjoy hearing the most.  When the audience is having a great time it is so energizing!  I rarely take breaks, I’d much rather be singing!  I do enjoy singing C’est Si Bon and La Vie En Rose in French and some Spanish numbers as well.”  I have many musical influences including Linda Ronstadt, Ella Fitzgerald and Heart, but my absolute favorite is Stevie Nicks!  During performances, people would often say, “I bet you do a great Stevie Nicks!” or “Has anyone told you that you sound like Stevie Nicks?”  “She is such a unique, beloved and iconic rock legend so it is an absolute thrill to pay tribute to her with the Dreams, Promises and Time tribute!


Sylvia Zanelli Simon, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Sylvia has performed with some of the finest musicians in South Florida as lead vocalist for groups ranging from duos to small orchestras.  Whether performing solely with a pianist or a large group, her three octave range, keen ear for harmony arrangements and energized performances have made her an asset to every group she has joined. In addition to lead vocals, she also provides backup harmony vocals, guitar and percussion including congas and various hand held percussion instruments.  She has entertained at private parties, weddings, fund raisers and corporate events.  Her extensive repertoire spans pop, classic rock, disco, blues, jazz standards, R&B, Motown and country and has included performances in English, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Japanese.


Some of the highlights of her career as lead vocalist included opening for country legends Johnny Paycheck and Restless Heart as well as an a cappella performance at the Kravis Center for an evening with author Marianne Williamson.  Additionally, Sylvia had the distinct privilege of auditioning for and being selected to perform at a surprise 32nd birthday party for Celine Dion.

Sylvia continues to perform with various musicians throughout South Florida and in 2018 she founded the group Freelance.

For more information please visit:


Patrick Imus bassist, vocalist, acoustic guitar, keyboards, and bass pedals

Pat fills the lead vocal role (Roger Waters) for the Pink Floyd material. Pat got his first guitar when he was in first grade, and was given private lessons by his parents, who bought a grand piano and also had Patrick take classical and jazz piano lessons. Patrick enjoyed artists such as Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, and The Who, influencing him towards a more collaborative approach to progressive rock. “At this time I felt it would be better to consider playing bass guitar and singing along with other guitarists, keyboardists, and drummers”.

By 10th grade, a friend from school introduced him to the album Yessongs by Yes; “That album has certainly become the most listened to album of my life, and Yes has become the one group that I have appreciated amongst the many progressive rock bands.” By the end of high school, the desire to develop a stronger singing voice led Patrick to take private voice lessons, which he continued for 5 years. He learned how to sing in falsetto, and how to use resonance through his head.




Pat Plays mostly his Black Rickenbacker 4001 with performances but also plays a Black Steinberger bass; also you’ll hear his bass pedals (triggered from a Roland PK-5 that controlls different Moog Tauras pedal & Deutron Bass pedal voices from a E-MU Protius in his rack. His bass guitars are sent into an ART SGX Nightbass preamp controlled by an ART X-15 where special effects and preamp voicings are used for different songs and segments of songs. His signal is in stereo and he splits the low frequency from the high frequency signals, sending the lows to (2) 18″ subs, (one R & one L) powered by a Crown PowerBass 1 (where most of the bass pedals go to), & the highs to (2) Ampeg 410HLFs (oneR & oneL) powered by an Ampeg SVT 4. “I also use a crybaby wah and a remake of the old Maestro Brassmaster stompbox called a B.Ass Master. One last secret for my tone, before every show, I put on a brandnew set of RotoSound Roundwound strings, a bit expensive, but you cant match that tone without this; soundmen love me, I demand 4 channels for my sound 2 low freq.R & L, & 2 high freq. R & L”.


Frederick Capitelli, Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Frederick Capitelli  started taking instruction in music at the age of 5.  By the time he was 9, he composed his first score.  At the age of 10, Frederick Capitelli performed at Carnegie Hall as soloist for his church choir.

In the 1960’s Frederick backed up opened for Diana Ross, Jimmy Paige,
Eric Clapton,  Gary Puckett, Young Rascals and Mountain to name a few.  In the 1970’s Frederick performed  as  guitarist for Vito and the Salutations.  Their hit records were “Gloria” and  “Unchained Melody”.  At this point in time the group performed along side with The Angels, The Drifters, Chantels, The Capris, The Flamingos, The Coasters and The Shirelles also to name a few.

In 1972, at the age of 19, Frederick Capitelli founded the Central Queens School of Music & Dance.  In his career with Central Queens School, Fred directed and produced over 40 music and dance recitals and 100’s of performances for charity.  Frederick also has conducted various student and professional orchestras.

Central Queens School of Music & Dance was known in the industry as the best complete school in New York in both the Music and Dance departments.

In 1989, Frederick relocated to Jupiter, Fl and founded Frederick Capitelli Music & Dancewear. Inc.  Frederick has directed over 100’s of Broadway Musicals(excerpts), which were performed all around Palm Beach County.

Frederick Capitelli executive produced and composed the music and underscore of the indie film”Redemption” which won “Best Thriller” in the New York International Film Festival in 2004 and best score in the UK…

He also produced four seasons on the I channel [ Pax T.V. ] his T.V. show: The Oz Road Tour reality series Which featured his record label artist, and one season on C.B.S. The215_fred Oz Road Tour Showcase which show cased both professional [ Mike Pinera: Blues Image & Iron Butterfly lead guitarist ] Grand Master Flash, Sister Hazel along with  amateurs throughout Florida and around the country.

Frederick is currently producing his own TV pilot.Frederick Capitelli through years of training, teaching and experience has mastered the artistic language of music.


Pete Seely, Guitarist, Vocals

American guitarist Pete Seely brings technical precision and creative flair to rock, blues and folk music on both acoustic and electric guitar.

He is currently involved in two bands: this band, a rock legends group that covers Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, and Sting; and Freelance, a trio that performs classic rock, country, blues, and standards. Additionally, Pete plays for audiences and participates at local coffeehouses and open mic nights in the South Florida area. He routinelyPete Hooked contributes to the musical programming of his church playing for special events and services, and he mentors young guitar students.

Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, Pete got his start in a garage band in the early seventies. The rich, often soulful, emerging music scene of that place and time informs his full, layered-sound style. Some of his earliest influences include Duane Allman, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Motown. From walking bass lines to playing multiple parts on the fret board, Pete’s versatility and experience are the product of faithful commitment to his craft.

Based in Jupiter, Florida, Pete has been playing guitar for over four decades. His creative influences include Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Neil Geraldo, and James Taylor. Favorite guitars include a ‘72’ Gibson Sg Special, PRS CE24, Stratocaster, Gretch, Alverez GY-1, and various Martin acoustics. He also plays bass, and writes and performs his original songs.
Pete lives in Jupiter, Florida with his wife and has two grown children.



Ken Burton, Drums

Ken Burton started playing in high school, taking lessons from a local Montana teacher, Dr. Ralph Campbell, and participating in clinics at the University of Montana.  Burton was the lead drummer in the Polson High School Stage Band, playing swing and jazz, soloing and performing with the highest honors in statewide competitions.  After high school, and music education at the U of M, Burton helped form the progressive rock band Papa Tuba, which covered artists from the Grateful Dead to Yes, Frank Zappa to Led Zeppelin, as well as many original tunes.  Papa Tuba performed over a three state area, as well as outdoor festivals with over a thousand attendees (not a bad accomplishment for a drummer not yet 21 years old).

Burton left Papa Tuba to move to Oregon, where he played for a groundbreaking church – Life Church, of Salem Oregon –- playing an early incarnation of in what would become the current wave of church praise and worship music (his music director and senior pastor, Mike Herron, is currently an artist and touring worship leader).  Burton also helped form the Salem, Oregon band No Lies, which covered the mainstream of what was current CCM, as well as many original numbers.  No Lies performed in both Oregon and Washington in many church and non-church venues (again, serving as a forerunner in crossing over from the “sacred” to the “secular.”)

After 15 years helping lead instrumental worship in Oregon, Burton moved back to Western Montana, where he started a retail music business and music school, and formed a band with some of his musically accomplished children, called the Noisy Boys. Also in western Montana Burton joined the blues band The Ruminators, featuring Doug Ruhman on guitar.

In 2003 Burton moved to his current home in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he plays with the tribute act Simply Shania, the tribute Dreams, Promises and Time, and continues to play for multiple churches and music conferences from the Miami metro area in Florida to the Treasure Coast. Burton is also playing with the Yes Tribute Sound Chaser upon occasion.

Burton plays Ludwig and Sabian exclusively, and utilizes Vic Firth stiKen SoFlo croppedcks and Remo heads.

This 70’s maple kit has been assembled and designed to play out as anything from Classic Zeppelin to Club 4 piece to full 7 piece.

You can contact at or at 561-255-9776.

My personal website is; my YouTube channel

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